Over 90% of South Africans have never taken or gone a proper Holiday to relax, reconnect, explore, and rejuvenate; and many have worked all their lives (30 to 40 years) from the time they left school and never been on a simple holiday. We have seen the need and the importance to reach out to ordinary South Africans and help them partake in the travel and tourism industry, to enjoy the fruit of their labours while there is still time, and while they are able

Restrictions /Challenges with other clubs

Many of the existing Holiday Clubs, Travel Agencies, and Timeshare schemes are too expensive, restrictive, and complicated for an ordinary South African citizen to understand. They have many requirements and restrictions that are a deterrent and that’s make the membership expensive such as:
  • Fixed monthly membership fees
  • Fixed term contract.
  • Joining Fees
  • Annual membership fees
  • Credit Cards
  • A minimum salary of X amount
  • You can only stay in specific hotels or affiliated hotel groups
All these are realistic limitations that make travelling and holidaying experiences difficult, restrictive, and unrealistic for a normal South African.

What have we done differently…

Afroglobe Holiday Club has scrapped all the above requirements and restrictions in order to simplify the membership and make it more practical, realistic, convenient, and accessible to all South Africans. We would like to see as many South Africans over the next many years become part of the Travel Tourism industry, and exploring their own Country, their own Continent, and their own World (not just the ELITE few).

Be smart:

  • Save for your Dream Holiday.
  • Don’t subject yourself to expensive credit/loans just for a simple holiday.
  • And don’t put your life on hold with a hope that when you retire, only then will you go on a holiday.