• R100 Minimum monthly contribution per member. (Individuals & Groups)
  • Flexible: You can change your contribution amount whenever you want depending on your financial status.
  • Max 10 Holiday beneficiaries on individual membership & no limit on group membership.
  • Individual Membership is built on two accounts: Spending, and Travel.
  • Group membership is built on one account: Travel Account.
  • There is a 3 Month waiting period on all memberships.

  • Convenient: Travel where you want, whenever you want, & with whomever you want.
  • Your membership allows you to travel with whomever you want but surcharge is applicable to non-members.
  • Spending contribution is paid into member’s personal account 24 hours prior to the trip.


  • Fixed monthly management fee.
  • No annual membership fees.
  • Travel Insurance inclusive.
  • Death: Contributions will be paid out to nominated beneficiaries.
  • Maternity & Retrenchment: membership can be frozen.
  • Great discounted deals and packages.
  • No fixed contract; membership can be discontinued at any time.


  • We still facilitate your entire travel experience (Groups & Individuals).
  • You do qualify to purchase some of our discounted packages.
  • We can tailor-make your package to your specification.
  • Relevant fees are applicable.